Monday, July 26, 2010

Disney fine art galleries

I'm back from my trip, and finally had time to do a painting, not yet from my trip, that will be coming soon ;)
I got asked to be part of the Disney Fine Art gallery, I'm very excited to be able to interpret all of the classic disney films,
the theme for all the artists are the Pixar films, and I got Ratatouille, another one is on the works

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

back in L.A, pecknpaw

this saturday come to gallery nucleus for book signing and originals and bookplates will be sold :)

I'm back from my trip, and yet a lot of painting need to be finished and posted, I had a great time! met a lot of cool people and inspiring artists and saw friends and family as well! Next week I'll be in Colombia for a lecture in Santa Marta, for an animation festival for children called Cinecita, I'm very excited for it!
in the meantime here is a Peck and Paw and the Black Mirror! bookplate for a book collaboration with amazing artists in the Visual Development department at Disney, it will be available in the Peck and Paw booth at Comic Con! Don't miss it!