Saturday, April 28, 2007

The choo choo train!

Yesterday it was the open show. We were watching films until 5:00 am!!!!!!!!!!! So everyone is a bit exhausted. Here is a painting of a few french kids in the park riding their choo choo train!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Dreamhouse

Welcome to my dreamhouse! Here's a tour, start from the bottom, where I've got my dining room in a lovely open space patio, go up the stairs there's my living room and library (design within reach furniture ofcourse) . Next floor it is my kitchen of course! I love cooking, so I got to have a large kitchen with plenty of countertops and tiled walls and floor (easier to clean) Then next is the bathroom, I've got an antique bath tub, and tiled walls again. go up the stairs and my room is next, lavender walls because is a relaxing color and good for feng shui. Next is the balcony with a lot of privacy, bihind there's a pool and my little garden with tropical flowers. And we get to the top where I'v got the guest's room. But on the top is my studio of course, with lots of shelves so I know where to put all those paintings and papers. Oh yeah and I almost forgot the very top of the roof is where I can spy on the neighbors, or look at the stars, the ocean and sun-tan! ( My house will be right by the ocean)
Gaudi was my main inspiration of course, his architecture it was way advanced for the time, that guy was a legend! and still is a legend!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Siren's Melody

My film is done!! I can finally get some sleep! It was getting very exhausting, but can't wait 'til the open show.
A bunch of us are doing posters for our own films for the open show, so here is mine.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

grace of light

We have two weeks before films are due! It's insane! Even though everyone is stressing out, a few students and I take three hours a week off to work on this project. Is kind of a nice break.
I'm designing the three graces, and this is one of them, then I want to do a painting of the three interacting.
But after films!!!!